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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. emotional video suspended sheriff mirkarimi available is now available for the public to see. despite contentious legal battle to keep it brave. here's the 45 second tape that was released today. >> it happened yesterday. 201
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2011. and this is the teebingd time this is happening. and i said ross i want to work on the marriage. we need help. i have been telling him we need help and i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take you away from me. he said. that he's very powerful and he can he cap do it. >>reporter: there it is. ross mirkarimi responded to the release of the tape. here's what he had to say late today. >> this is the politics of destruction i think at its worst and they are exploiting my wife and our son in order to get to me. >>reporter: well as you can immanuel a lot more reaction to the videotape that you just saw here. 7 news reporter carolyn
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tyler has the story. >> this happened yesterday. >>reporter: this is what many people have been waiting to se see. the video of miss lopez the day after she was bruised by her husband. ross mirkarimi. >> i said rs i want to work on the marriage. we need help. i have been telling him we need help. >>reporter: 45 second video was made by their neighbor ivory madison on january 1st. and seized by police few days later. since then the couple attorneys have tried every tactic they could to keep the video out of the public eye. and today lopez lawyer said she may sue over the release. result of a record request by the san francisco chronicle. >> do all of us really need to have seen that? how does it help any of us? i'm not sure -- it's my opinion that it doesn't and it hurts the family. >>reporter: but mayor lee believes it enhances transparency as he pushes to
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permanently remove mishing rooebing ream from his scb as sheriff on the grounds of official misconduct. >> we need all the facts. don't need anybody to play any legal games or political games with this. >>reporter: mirkarimi was greeted by supporters at the ethic commission early this week. his wife is now visiting relatives in venzuela and in reese than the interview there with the abc news i team dan, lopez expressed worries about the video potential impact. >> don't think tl of my son or my career? my life. >>reporter: in a statement today lopez blasted the city actions saying what they have done to me is far worse than anything they accuse ross of doing. this tape was the key piece of evidence in the domestic violence case against mirkarimi and now will lamb large before the ethic commission hearing. mayor says he has not seen it yet. >> admittedly say i have not. >>reporter: mirkarimi says the tape doesn't tell the whole
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story for example when she says this is the second time this is happening, she told our eye team she meant the second time they had a verbal argument. not physical altercation. that's the kind of testimony the ethic commission will be seeking a as they move forward with their case. in san francisco, at city hall, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. now before we button this up. we posted entire video than ought front page of the web site. l. >> we'll move on now. presidential candidate republican mitt romney wrawpd a visit to the bay area with parting shot at the president. this is video aboard the campaign bus that took romney and the immediate why to the shut erred solyndra headquarters in fremont. half billion dollar loan the company received from the obama administration is a frequent target of romney and was again today and tonight romney calls the failed solar maker a symbol of croany capitolism. the story tonight from mark matthe
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matthews. >>reporter: rochl came to slin are plant in fremont to criticize the president stimulus spending and by association the president handling of the economy. >> free enterprise for the president means taking money from the tax first and giving it freely to his friends. >>reporter: the government investment in solyndra says romney is a symbol of serious conflict of interest. >> independent inspector nel looked at this investment and concluded that the administration had steered money to friends and family l to campaign contributors. >>reporter: inspector general report found that the loan guarantee for 5 35 million dollars was rushed but the ig failed to find that it was done for political pay back. billionaire george kaiser was an instance investigator in solyndra and backer of the obama 2008 campaign. today our calls to reach george kaiser were not returned. mane while the romney campaign singled out steve wesley as obama bondler linked to solyndra. but wesley
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says his only link was that he sent an e-mail to obama advisor warning that the president might want to wait to visit solyndra until after sure of the financial future. but if the president got that warning, he didn't heed it. within days he was at solyndra touting it as a symbol of stimulus succes success. l in october the president defended the solyndra loan saying it didn't start with him. >> this ace loan guarantee program that predates me historically has had support from democrats and republicans as well. >>reporter: obama campaign strategist attempted to push obama narrative that mitt romney policies failed in massachusetts but he was shouted down by romney supporters and it appears romney attack over solyndra neutralizing obama campaign criticism of romney job creation record. >> the times i was involved at bain capitol and olympic and as governor why those are things that are matters of public
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record. >>reporter: romney wouldn't defind the record because he didn't want to go off message and on the defensive t.both campaign today focusing on their opponent record l topic of job creation and how to balance the budget have to wait for another day. all righting from fremont, abc 7 news. man suspected of kidnapping and killing 16-year-old la mar was in court today but did not enter a plea. garcia torrez uttered the word yes, your honor, when asked by the judge if he understood what was happening. none of sierra family attended the hearing. in the preliminary hearing of 2 men accused of beating giants fan brian stowe in los angeles one fan testified that she saw a man matching the description of one of the defendants taunt giants fans and punch a teenager boy. anna maria de ville also testified she saw 2 men run after 4 giants fans. she didn't see a confrontation but saw the 2 men coming running back jump into a
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consider and tell female driver to leave. deville couldn't positively identify the defendants norwood or sanchez. jury in marin county convicted 4 men of executing a store owner to silence him in a robbery case in which he was the victim. tl lee was shot dead outside his novato home in 2008 while his wife and children slept inside. the marin independent journal report the 4 defendants face life sentence after they were found guilty yesterday. authorities say lee identified blay junior now 22 and the hold up of his liquor store. prosecutors say blay ordered lee execution from jail. he was later cleared of the robbery. parents south bay are absolutely outraged that their the kids were interviewed in a child pornography investigation without parental notification. they were never told. now police defend what they did saying it was legal and to do otherwise could have jeopardized the case. t heather has the story.
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>>reporter: parents at san jose will rodgers elementary are dumbfounded and mad. the first shocker that former third grade teacher was arrested yesterday on suspicion of possession and manufacturing of child porn. the next shock that 30 students were interviewed by san jose detectives yesterday without parents being notified beforehand. >> kids told them at the dinner table. >>reporter: wow! >> that's not cool. for me i don't think that's okay. >>reporter: l did he ever touch you inpropose sglat defer do this. those are things i need to prepare my daughter for. >>reporter: he was suspended last september when the police where he used to live in milpitas started the investigation. district sent a letter home to parents today telling them about the suspension, the investigation and that police directed them not to tell parents about the student interviews. the district was asked not to release the fact that officers would be at will rodgers elementary school this week until after all the interviews had been conducted. san jose police say parental notification is only required
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when they are investigating suspected abuse by the parents at home. >> there's a court case called green versus cameron that says there's any type of suspected child because or sexual abuse going on in the home then we have to get some type of parental consent to interview the students. this is not that case. >>reporter: san jose unified school district says it's perfectly legal for police to l enter view students without notifying parents if they believe it might jeopardize the case. police have not found any abuse victims at the schoo school. they do plan to enter have you more students. district declined our request for an interview he could be arraigned tomorrow. this is 7 news. numb north carolina courtroom today john edwards walks then talks. >> if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my since, hobbsly i don't have to good any further than the mirror. >>reporter: coming up. mistrial on all but one count in his campaign contribution case. what is likely to happen now?
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>> plus one of the answers to global warming and dilemma facing even the windiest bay area neighborhood. hi there everyone. f we ended this afternoon with clear sky but already you can see behind the city there the fog has returned t.what does that mean for the temperatures tomorrow. we take a look coming up. >> and paralyzed rats walking again. scientist use electricity chemical and incentive found in any grocery store. 7 news a a a a a a a a a [ male announcer ] what if we told you
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>> this is great news for john edwards. he has to be thrilled. >> much of edwards legal troubles may over. that's why he might be thrilled tonight. his campaign finance fraud case ended today in a mistrial. after 17 daisy of testimony and 9 days of deliberation a jury in greens borrow, north carolina found edwards not guilty on one count of accepting illegal campaign contribution. but they failed to reach a verdict on 5 other charges. more tonight from bob woodruff. >> it was relieve on the face of john edwards leaving court with his daughter kate by his side nearly every day of this 6 week trial. >> i want to make sure that everyone hears from me and from
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my voice that while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wron wrong. and if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my since, honestly i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it's me. it is me. and me alone. >>reporter: pros cawtors failed to convince jurors that edwards illegally used money from wealthy donors to hide his pregnant girlfriend miss hunter in the middle of the 2008 presidential campaign. today edwards acknowledged how difficult this trial had been on his children especially kat kate. >> she has been here no matter what. no matter how awful and painful. a lieutenant of the evidence was for her. evidence about her dad. the evidence about her mom. who she of loves so-so dearly. but she never once flinched. she said
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daddy love you. i'll be there for you. no matter what. >>reporter: then for the first time emotionally spoke of his young daughter quinn with former girlfriend real hunter. child long refused to acknowledge. >> then finally my precious quinn. f who i love more than any of you could every imagine. and i am so close to and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. grateful for all my children. >>reporter: he finished with what amounted to a stump speec speech. beginning perhaps of his rehabilitation. >> don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there's still some good things i can do. and whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward, what i'm hopeful about is all those kids that i have seen, you know in the poo
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poorest parts of this country and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them. >> bob woodruff reporting. it appears the justice department will not seek another trial against former senator and presidential candidate john edwards. that's according to knowledgeable law enforcement official. but we'll of course see. all right let's move on to talk about the weather forecas forecast. spencer christian is off. lee glasser is here. great to have you here as always. >> thanks. >> steamy. >> hot. mid to low 90's inland but clear sky all day long. and now the fog is starting to return so get ready for some slight chance we head into friday and the weekend. our roof top cam you can't see from it this point. you can see the clear sky but trust me the fog is starting to gather right near the coast. this is how it looked early this afternoon the northwest winds just pushing the low clouds and fog well off the coast which means temperatures beach side even
9:18 pm
inland interior valley areas warmed up nicely today. in fact here's a look at the hig highs. 94 in fairfield today. 95 antioch. clover dale 97 today san francisco reached high of 72. 84 san carlos. 62 half moon bay. mild there. santa cruz 76. 86 degrees was the high today in san jose. antioch right now still holding the heat 84 this hour. 60 in oakland. 66 nap a.68 san carlos. 57 in san francisco. already 54 degrees with reports of a little bit light fog near half moon bay so the trend l has already started in the fog is returning to the coast overnight tonight. it will be very shallow. probably stay rate near the coast this evening and that definitely means a little cooler for us for our friday and then we as we extend towards the weekend saturday and sunday this on shore wind will just bring us mild to warm temperatures inland. high pressure keeping the stormtrack to the north of
9:19 pm
us. also providing just a nice warm ridge. well, starting to break down evidence as the fog is started to move in so this little warm bubble will move towards the east. on shore winds will develop and that brings in the fog and so not so warm inland tomorrow temperature down a few degrees heading into saturday. east bay location because you are in the 80's now you probably going to be mild tonight. mid to low 60's acht i don't care low 62 degrees and a half moon bay seeing the fog 49 and 52 for san francisco. in fact here's the 5:00 a.m. commute tomorrow morning. most of the fog really is about much of the day will remain right near the coast. we have a very wide temperature range with upper 50's, low 60's where the fog i is. coast side. out towards the delta and extreme north bay community where we brick out into the mid to low 90's. in fact here's a look at the high for tomorrow. 85 for san jose.
9:20 pm
83 for cupertino. warm to mild many locations. at the coast different story though with the fog moving in. 59 for half man bay. 79 for palo alt alto. mountain view 80 degrees. san francisco tomorrow not too bad. 68. probably have some morning over cast and afternoon sunshine. santa rosa tomorrow 88. 87 for napa. on the east bay oakland 74. union city 78. then interior east bay will feel a little warm out there with brentwood 95. 93 pittsburgh. concord 91 tomorrow and even watsonville very mild at 71 degrees accu-weather 7 day forecast taking us into the weekend. mild weekend ahead. saturday and sunday t.50 to the coast with the fog go with some 80's inland. saturday sunday. monday trending cold. windy. there is also a chance of main few sprinkles in the north bay. keep you updated on that. >> quite a spread. 70's 80's 90's. >> thanks very much gentleman
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coming. nearly free electricity worth drastically changing the san francisco sky line? l vision that tap noose under used local resource. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues ♪
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>> almost half the carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere comes from generating electricity. cleaner option is wind power but where we would put the tour pwichbility wayne spoke with uc berkeley researcher who has the answers and one of them might surprise you. >>reporter: if it is windy it must be afternoon around san francisco bay. it whips the grass. generates waves. for a guy like michael it opens all kinds of point. i'm an opportunist and l there can be
9:25 pm
wind in your sails for free why not use it. >>reporter: l by that he means more than recreation. he not only sails this boat. he lives in its limited space. >> 100 square feet. >>reporter: all quite predic predictable from a guy who thinks green of. to teaches civil environmental energy at uc berkeley. if you visit michael some time he will elaborate how he earned his p hd by plotting wind turpign off the coast. >> we can get most of our energy especially on the east coast during the time we use our energy from wind energy. >>reporter: he looked everywhere. imagine for a moment 19 wind turbine just off the coast of berkeley. he's calculated that's how many it would take to power the entire city. >> from the northern tip of treasure island all the way on over past the berkeley pier here. >>reporter: wait a minute. wind turbine just off the shoreline of the so-called people republic of berkeley.
9:26 pm
that will never happen. right. >> they are big. they are obtrusive. >> if berkeley is a nuclear free zone then proposal alternative to nuclear energy. >> if it could be attractive why not. >>reporter: the doctor turbine would be more than 400 feet across like these anchored in shallow water. yes they would obscure some views. but the wind comes up here just about the same time electrical demands about page. on a strong summer day when the winds are blowing 20 to 25 knot the winds would be putting out almost 100 percent of the possible power. sea gull. birds. if they fly night i hope they don't get killed. there's a lot of them i suppose. something to think bi-that's all rate now just a thought from a forward looking environmental p hd who know as good free resource when it hits him in the face. >> well it's berkeley. many. >>reporter: from san francisco bay, wayne friedman abc 7 news.
9:27 pm
>> researchers in switzerland use spinal nerve stimulation to help paralyze rats walk and climb stairs. video of the experiment shows the rats in a har in east to help keep balance. they were given electric shock and injections to reinvague rate the spine cells. took 2 to 3 week to take their first voluntary steps but after that the with chocolate at the end of the course the runway rats run away rat were his springt up the stairs in the harness. look at this off they go. scientist are hoping that the work will help human of course with spinal cord injury. it's published in the journal of science. >> when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. super mawt anti-egg and the surprise inside it. >> i'm in sacramento. citizen commission cut the pay of state politicians by 5 percent. it's popular with voters. but not politicians. >> also tonight. urgent alert
9:28 pm
for pet owners. one woman dog died. 3 others got sick. she's blaming it on the treat that is they ate. sfichlt l young boy survives the massacre. dramatic story on massacre. dramatic story on avoiding a killer bullet [ mechanical humming ]
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[ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again
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with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> headlines we are following tonight.
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>> republican presidential candidate romney made surprise campaign stop at fremont at the former headquarters of solyndr solyndra. he says the bankrupt solar panel company shows how the president used taxpayer money to reward campaign contributors at scheme that never helped the economy. john edwards campaign finance fraud case ended in miss industrial. jurors in north carolina acquitted the former senator and presidential candidate on one of the 6 charges he faced but were unable to reach a verdict on the others. insiders say prosecutors are unlikely to retry the case. headlines tonight. popular dog treat that the fda warned about is still on store shelves. tonight a morgan hill woman says her dog l died after eating it. according to the fda nearly 1,000 pet owner have complained about this product. story tonight from lee ann. >>reporter: rachel chambers of morgan hill lost her dog yesterday morning. she says it was a sudden and painful death. >> it was so hard to see her
9:33 pm
that way. and she didn't deserve it. she was the most loving, loyal family dog that. >>reporter: chambers says 13-year-old caly and her other dog were given these dog treat. shortly after 3 of her 4 dogs began getting sick. >> blood work not really anything specific which we can blame on kidney everything looked fine. >>reporter: he treated the dog. he heard and read of dog getting sick after eating the treat. fda has received more than 900 complaints from dog owners. in november the fda put out an advisory. warning dog who have been given these chicken treat made in china with symptoms. this ace condition affecting the kidney causing them to leak electro lights out of the body. but the fda does not require the maker to put that warning on the packet. fda will now examine the empty bag and may
9:34 pm
perform a test on the dog. milo kitchens on by del mont corporation. company said the fda and other outside organization performed a number of tests and have found no connection between illness and chicken jerky treats. milo dog treats are sold in many stores including petco. chamber says she bought the treats at the morgan hill store. we took these pictures to show you they are still being sold there. >> this advertise impact ago lot of people and i just don't think there's enough out there to help people stop buying these things. hopefully push retail investigators pull them off their shelves because it's the right thing to do. >>reporter: here's what petco had to say. neither the fda nor our suppliers have recommended any recall of chicken jerky products. so they said they will continue selling them. in morgan hill, abc 7 news. santa clara county cement plant not added to the federal super fund list. epa concluded
9:35 pm
that the plant in the hills above cupertino doesn't pose a threat to the public. it rank at or near the top of bay area industrial sites for emission of green house gases and airborne mercury. federal appeals court in boston has ruled unanimously that the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. act prevents the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages. the judges ruled the law violates the constitution by denying federal benefits to married gay couples. decision welcomed by the what it house. >> with regard to this ruling which tl the d oj was an active participant in, i would refer you to the l justice department but there's no question that this is if cop certificate with the president views. >>reporter: that's because president obama announced his personal support for gay marriage last month. still, today ruling will not be enforced until the supreme court issues its own decision. governor along with state lawmakers and other top officials get a taste of their
9:36 pm
own medicine. the salary are being cut. 7 news capitol correspondent is in sacramento. fivrjs the citizen compensation commission in 1990 set the salary of state politicians. and today members approved a 5 percent pay cut for not only lawmakers but also the governor and other state wide elected officials. it will save less than 700,000 dollars a year. minuscule considering the state budget deficit is at 16 billion dollars. the governor himself proposed a 5 percent pay cut to state workers. >> it will send a message that we have to move on. we have to get out of this hole. everybody has, has to sacrific sacrifice. >>reporter: for the average rank and file lawmaker the pay goes down 5 grand to just over 90,000 dollars a year. 5 percent pay cut is on top of the 18 percent pay cut lawmakers received in 2009. this one will take effect in december. but they will still get the tax-free 142 dollars a
9:37 pm
day per diem for living expenses while in sacramento. single mom michl is of modest means and says only wealthy people now will run for office. >> many continue reduction in our salary is going to make it tough for women lake me to be public servants. >>reporter: some feel the pay cut is punitive. they already lost the state cars this year. others accept it as sign of the times. >> i think it is fair for us as legislators to show leadership at this time and do what we can. >>reporter: governor is okay with his pay cut to 165,000 dollars a year. >> look, i would run for governor weather it was paying job or not. tichl drive a lot of. >>reporter: commission says california lawmakers still earn the highest salary of allstate legislators in the country. when you consider the total compensation, which does not include a pension, they are no longer at the top. in sacramento, abc 7 news.
9:38 pm
over seas now to syria. 11-year-old boy who survived a massacre there is he is telling his story tonight. she says the gunman simply began slairingt the family. he fell to the floor and covered himself with his brother's blood to fool the killers into thinking he was dead. it worked. the gunman killed his parents and all 4 of his siblings. youngest was his 6-year-old brother. he was shot twice once in the head and once in the back. tl in the meantime the syrian government has investigated massacre there and concludes that government forces had nothing to do with it. 108 civilians were murdered. syrian government is blaming the attack on rebels. to iran now where nuclear inspector with the united nations say tehran may try to sanitize a nuclear weapons sit site. inspectors release new satellite imagery showing small
9:39 pm
buildings that had been dismantled and other cleaned up work areas at military site that they wanted to visit. one un envoy says it is very clear that iran is sanitizing the site of any incriminating evidence before allowing the agency into the complex for inspection. iran calls these claims baseless. still to come. president obama welcomes his favorite foil-backed to the white house as we continue with the portrait with smiles and great deal of warmth. stay with us. deal of warmth. stay with us. coming
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9:42 pm
>> historic splash down today in the pacific. world first commercial space ship was returned to earth. the space x dragon landed 500 miles off
9:43 pm
baja california after a 9 day voyage to the international space station. there were no astronauts instances but the capsule brought back more than half ton of old space station equipment. stuff no longer need entered orbit. and it delivered supplies to the station of course on the trip up. this is grainy video of the landing from nasa. space x hopes to carry astronauts to and from the space station in the next there to 4 years but the first experiment was a grand success is that former president bush back at the white house today. he was there as part of a long standing practice diagnosis. as jake reports between 2 former rivals there was warmth and humor. >>reporter: president obama welcomed predecessor back to the white house today. the occasion? unveiling of the official white house portrait of the bushes. >> thank you so much tl for inviting our rowdy friends. to my hanging. >>reporter: former president bush seemed to enjoy his return to the lime light. recalling
9:44 pm
that when the british burned down the white house in 1814 the first lady at the time ran to rescue the first portrait of george washington. >> now michelle if anything happens there's your man. it's my privilege to introduce the greatest first lady ever, sorry mom. >>reporter: but it was also a day of emotion. from a son to his father. >> i am honored to be hanging near man who gave me the greatest gift possible. unconditional love. >>reporter: and the current president thanks his predecessor. >> george i will always remember your kind words oven kurjt plus you also left me a really good tv sports package. of i use it. >>reporter: that other sport politic seemed a world away. abc news the white house. [applause]. >> nice moment there today. >> one of the more bizarre
9:45 pm
world record ever. record for parallel parking. that story is next. >> plus on top of the world with only one way to get down. how this raccoon found his nerve.
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. >> now to texas where a woman could not believe what she found in her chicken coop. she discovered an egg the size of a baseball in the right hand fanned that wasn't enough she cracked it open to find another full egg inside. kind of like the nesting doll 1 in the othe other. the super egg was an inch longer and triple the weight of a regular egg. certainly kind of bizarre. raccoon found it snevl a sticky situation this week in kansas city, missouri. it was precariously stuck atop a tall
9:49 pm
light pole for so many hours that food and water was left for the thichblingt not mostly clear how it got to the top of the pole but it did find its way down. construction worker arrived to perform regular maintenance. he poked the animal with a pole that spooked the raccoon to leap to the ground. there he goes. he's typhoon. just secure rid away. took a little incentive and courage to jump. all right let's go back and update the forecast. lee glasser is here. >> yes. tomorrow could definitely be a get away today. 114 expected high tomorrow in palm springs. by the way that was the high today. it seat new record. 78 for la. 75 for big sur with the fog starting to move in and fresno tomorrow warm to 100 degrees. already low clouds fog already being noticed right near the coast right now so we continue on the theme tomorrow. daytime high maybe a few degrees cooler tomorrow. half moon bay 59. san francisco afternoon 68 degrees still warm in nap a.87 hot in apartment i don't care
9:50 pm
94 and 91 tomorrow in livermor livermore. looking ahead toward the weekend it will be mild with 50's and fog at the coast. mid to low 80's saturday and sunday inland then we really start to cool down as we head into monday and tuesday of next week. >> if thanks very much. >> new record tonight for squeeze ing into parallel parking. you will like this. guinness book of world record has certified this parking job. watch. man just wallets really natural place. 5.9 inches longer than his war. took fit there beats the old record by nearly three inches watch this. here we go. >> boom. >> pretty good driving. >> sgre. >> i have seen larry do that in the parking garage. he hits the other cars. >> that's not so much parking that's drifting. the that is very tall ended. >> would not try that on city streets. >> in san francisco? oh, man. cool he was good.
9:51 pm
all right. in sports. the spurs they have been rolling through the play offs. until tonight. speaking of rolling. callus top seed at the college world series but on the ropes world series but on the ropes in the opene
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock tonight. stench that floated over parts of san leandro has attention and now the authorities identify the cause. we have that story. >> it is time to take back. >> pots frustrated with violence in a virginia la oh, school and take as stand at a meeting and changes she wants to see take place medley. those stories and more at 11 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. larry is here with all the sports and some fun many softball. >> cal is the team to beat in oklahoma city. they had stress today. cal team in the world women college world series opener in oklahoma city against lsu and neither late come back to pull it out. l cal would thn
9:55 pm
the sixth reid with the infield khorp and scores twin sister t.first lady of the day at 3-2. next batter. base hit to right. shea an comes home. 3 runs in the sixth for cal. gave them a lead. top 7 now 5-3. henderson gets the santos to ground out and cal prevails. 5-3. they will face number 4 oklahoma which figures to have a big home crowd. playing okay tl seed to. baseball team the opens regional play to. fresno statement mark is on the mound for the cardinals. 2.37 era 14 starts this season and projected to go no. 1 in next week major league baseball draft. 1 loss came against fresno state, though. back in march. stanford head coach mark will happily go with his.
9:56 pm
ace. >> team that beat him wish we picked somebody else but it's good. it's good. obviously one of the better pitchers in college baseball. 9 and 1. he's the reason we are in full season play. he'll give us a chance to win tomorrow night. el always gives us a chance to win. >> to the play offs. spurs have been invincible this past month and a half basically. won 20 straight games rolling through 2 play off series oklahoma city put an end to the streak tonight. barkley making quite the entrance in o kc. horse he rode in on. thunder came out flying in the game. russell west brook with durran. play of the night. look at him. explode with authority. duncan come get some. right on your head. 22 for the durran. thunder by 13 at the half. the pablo had a huge game. open the third with a 3. spurs turn it over 21 times. the steal here. west brook with a
9:57 pm
contrary best 19 and spurs first loss since april 11th. 102-82. still lead the series however 2-1. u.s. open begins in two week at the club in san francisco. mickelson wants to play well here which is why he withdrew after round one of the memorial today. this is jack's tournament. big names in ohio. mickelson struggled. bogey 6 of the last 7 holes. shot a 7 over 7 then pulled out saying he's exhausted and needs to rest. mc elroy. quadruple bogey on 3 comes back on 5 chipping in for eagle. shot 7 71. spencer nice putt. one eagle 6 birdie 5 under 671 behind the leader scott stallings who is 6 under tiger 4 back. second round french open nadal in red facing sfvl dennis. cross court winner here. of a winner in straight.
9:58 pm
love. >> 49ers suddenly loaded at wide receive sore trying to make the team undrafted free agent. long shot. mike once free agent long shot himself. story of 1 man in camp to make most of the shot. >>reporter: with a roster filled with moss. cb tree, williams and top draft choice jenkins with why would free agent items choose the 49 centers. >> a lot of good receivers here i can learn from. only played football for 3 years of my lif life. >>reporter: basketball and track were his sports growing up but he walked on at florida a&m and fell in love with football. he learned to play the sport on video game where moss was his guy. >> it's like when he talks to me it's kind of crazy i dwroud play with you on the video game as little kid. now i'm right next to him. it's surreal. i told him he was like man don't do that. tv maybe to you it's okay but to me it's like it's a dream. that's my favorite player. >>reporter: brian is a physical player which doesn't
9:59 pm
show up in men camp what else does he bring to the table. >> speed. hustle. that's it. emotion. everything. durability the well 9. >>reporter: when a free agent you are not going to get as many opportunities as guys already on the roster or draft choice so when you do get your chance you have to take advantage. >> used to people not paying attention. always getting one of the last republic so when somebody else goes i'm paying attention i'm actually there. how many republic i get doesn't affect me at all. >> plenty of guy that is have been free agent the make the team point it out and make sure they know it and give them confidence. >> i want to be here and play. whenever they need me on this team or any other team i'll play. really doesn't matter i love the game of football. >>reporter: santa clara a-mik a-mike, abc 7 sports. >> what a great attitudeism terrific. >> root for him. that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here, thanks f


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